Opinion| When would the world confront Israel’s aggression against children and women?

Taha Sakr
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The crimes of Israel are endless: airstrikes against civilians, unjustified arrests, incursions, etc. These are considered crimes against humanity and have not stopped since the British occupation of Palestine.

The Zionist occupation conducts ethnic cleansing and organized terrorist attacks with the full support of successive US administrations to force Palestinian people and Arab nations to surrender. The Zionist ideology wants Palestinians to die or surrender.

As for the current war, Netanyahu wants to stay in power for another period, to escape court cases. He is committing war crimes with unprecedented silence from the international community that turned a blind eye to the murder of kids and women in the Gaza Strip.

Opinion| When would the world confront Israel's aggression against children and women?
Taha Sakr

A full-fledged war crime was carried out by the Israeli occupation forces, against innocent people and civilians at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip. This heinous crime is enough to put those who ordered it and those who carried it out in prisons or on the gallows, if the silent world takes action against this brutal aggression.

Pictures of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital massacre, which claimed the lives of at least 800 martyrs, according to what the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported are “Horrible”.

The hospital was sheltering more than 5,000 invaded Palestinian Arabs, who had been subjected to an organized war of extermination for more than 10 days under the cover of international silence, as if what was happening happened in a parallel world.

One can say that the only responsible for this crime is “Netanyahu” who is a real “War Criminal”

Netanyahu wants to continue Judaizing Jerusalem and consolidate the declaration of former President Trump that Jerusalem is the capital of the occupation state, meaning that he wants to extend the occupation state over Jerusalem, specifically the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Palestinians have agreed to live on 22% of their land under the Arab peace initiative, international legitimacy, and international law. Despite this dark cloud above their heads, ongoing violence from Israelis has never ended.

The Israeli enemy has a method of destruction. The Gaza Strip has been besieged for 17 years on land, sea, and air, and what we see now is genocide.

The Israeli Zionist mentality insists on denying the Palestinian Arab existence and legitimate rights and continues to kill them and violate all international rules, this led to unbearable circumstances that generated a sense of retaliation among Palestinians who decided to attack Israel on 7 October as a response to the aforementioned non-stop violations

Every position supporting Palestine’s cause and its people in confronting this brutal entity is welcome, whether by marching in the streets as an expression of global conscience or by political positions through social platforms.

Israel is not just an occupying power; it is a nuclear power with a military arsenal, an iron dome, and shelters. As for the people of Gaza, they are besieged without mercy and nowhere to go.

Palestinians are not alone and will not bend or be broken. Their hopes will remain high because they have never hesitated in their duties towards their land and sanctities. We (Arabs) are firm in our faith in God, our Arab Islamic nation, and the free world.

We live by hope.

Taha Sakr: Managing Editor at Daily News Egypt

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