Samsung Egypt to produce 98-inch screen at Beni Suef factory in September

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Samsung Electronics Egypt announced that it will produce the new 98-inch neo QLED 8K TV screen in its factory in Beni Suef, and launch it in the local market by the end of September. The company said that this step reflects its global vision of the importance of Egypt in the Middle East and North Africa region and the awareness of consumers of the new technology.

The company revealed the new screen during its participation in the International Consumer Electronics Show and Home Appliances IFA Berlin last week, which it attends annually as one of the three largest international forums in the sector, according to Ahmed Gaafar, Marketing Director of the company.

He told Daily News Egypt that the Beni Suef factory currently exports 85% to 90% of Samsung products to more than 60 countries, and is one of 14 factories around the world. He said that its production capacity reaches 6 million screens annually, with sizes ranging from 32 to 98 inches. He also said that Samsung has developed a new technology in making TVs, which is OLED, and it introduced it last year in sizes 55 and 65 inches. He added that two other sizes are currently being produced, namely 77 and 83 inches, for the European and American markets.

Gaafar said that the company offers various solutions and installment systems in cooperation with consumer finance companies and banks, to make screens available to customers without administrative fees, booking advances, or interest. He also said that the company provides value-added services to customers, such as a soundbar as a gift when buying a screen, or TV frames.

He said that Samsung Egypt’s acquisition of the golden license is part of the government’s plans to overcome all obstacles for companies, attract more investments in the local market, and help existing or new entities to localize and deepen local manufacturing in the electronics sector.

He pointed out that Samsung’s partnership with the Egyptian government dates back to the establishment of its factory in Beni Suef in 2013. He said that the license would shorten the period of building a new factory for mobile phones, which is expected to operate within two years on an area of 6 thousand square meters.

He said that Samsung Egypt currently produces six phones, namely A13, A23, Galaxy A23, Galaxy A14, Galaxy A24, and Galaxy A34. He also said that he expects another model to be manufactured in the Beni Suef factory before the end of 2023.

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