New e-contracting system to boost private sector competitiveness in government projects: Maait

Shaimaa Raafat
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Egypt’s Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait said Saturday that a new electronic contracting system newly launched in entities transferred to the New Administrative Capital aims to boost the competitiveness of the private sector in government projects.

The system, which was launched on July 1, covers all contracting procedures required by law and is designed to consolidate the principles of governance and full transparency in all procedures to reach the best offers and bids submitted to achieve the public interest.

Maait said the system is consistent with the government’s efforts to lay the foundations of digital Egypt and improve the quality of services provided to citizens. It also aligns with the state’s goal of enabling the private sector to play a greater role in economic activity and sustainable development.

Maait said the system is integrated with the state’s efforts to enable the private sector to play its desired role in economic activity and the process of comprehensive and sustainable development. He added that the ministry plans to gradually expand the application of the system to the rest of the administrative authorities in the country.

Mohamed Adel, chairperson of the General Authority for Government Services, said the system automates all procedures of the contracting cycle, from the needs inventory plan to offering, contracting, awarding, and managing and implementing contracts. It also generates detailed reports on contracts data to support decision-makers.

Adel pointed out that there are model contracts that are secured for all types of contracts, and immediately after the completion of the awarding procedures for the winning bid, the data of the contract to be concluded is completed electronically. 

He added that there is an electronic archive for immediate preservation, in which a copy of these contracts is deposited, with a barcode that is printed on secured papers, provided by the complex, secure and intelligent versions; to preserve this data and preserve the rights of the contracting parties.

Adel stressed that all companies registered in the government contracting portal currently in force must expedite registration on the new system, and in the event of any inquiries regarding dealing with the new system, contact the General Authority for Government Services, and request technical support to overcome any challenges that may unfold upon registration.

He pointed out that The entities moving to work in the New Administrative Capital continue to publish contractual processes on the government contracting portal currently in force, along with the new system; for the convenience of the business community.

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