Egypt wins 2022 AGFUND International Award for its digital transformation project

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
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Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, won the Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development (Arab Gulf Program for Development) “AGFUND” for 2022, in the field of “Decent Work and Economic Growth” for the project “Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development in Egypt DT4 DE”.

The Egyptian project targets improving the quality of life of individuals by enhancing the use of information and communication technology means and applications, spreading community awareness of its importance, and supporting sustainable community development by developing the digital capabilities of citizens and preparing them to deal with the digital transformation process, leading to an Egyptian society that deals digitally in all aspects of life.

The project was implemented by the Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology within the framework of building skills for employment through several axes: Qudwa-Tech initiative for the social and economic empowerment of women, and the project Jobs and skills for people with disabilities using information and communication technology, e-learning initiatives, rehabilitation of young people for self-employment, and an initiative to activate the role of information technology clubs in community development.

Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, said that the project is being implemented within the framework of an integrated strategy set by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to achieve digital transformation, by integrating information and communication technology in all sectors of societal development, developing the information and communication technology infrastructure, building the human being, and encouraging innovation and creativity, including strengthening Egypt’s position at the regional and international levels.

He pointed out that the project contributes to the adaptation of innovative technological solutions in order to build job skills for all segments of society, especially persons with disabilities, women and youth, which supports the efficiency of obtaining decent job opportunities and supports small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology won the international award in the field of “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, which is the eighth goal of the sustainable development goals, among 108 projects nominated for the award in its four branches, of which 54 projects that met the conditions were qualified for arbitration.

The project won the third category of the award, which is allocated to projects of government agencies, ministries, public institutions, social business institutions, and private sector institutions aimed at supporting the social sector. The value of the award is $200,000.

For her part, Hoda Dahrouj, Advisor to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology for Digital Community Development, and Director of the “Digital Transformation for Sustainable Development in Egypt” project. The project aims to build digital capabilities for all segments of society, including youth, women and people with disabilities, to qualify them to keep pace with the current transformations towards building a digital Egypt and open the way for them to empowerment and technological innovation, explaining that spreading technological culture among members of society is one of the most prominent goals of the project, with its innovative solutions to develop skills. She added that obtaining this international award gives more credibility to the impact of the project on the ground, and qualifies for moving forward in the implementation of more sustainable community development activities.

The Prince Talal International Award for Human Development adopts the goals of sustainable development 2030 as its themes, so that one of these goals is defined as a theme for the award every year, and the award is awarded annually to the best four winners who represent the four most important incubators for development work: international, international and regional organizations, and NGOs, national, government agencies (ministries and government institutions), social business institutions, and private sector institutions that invest in the social sector and individuals.

This is the second time that the projects of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology have received the AGFUND award, as it previously won the award in 2010 for the project “Development of Remote Communities Using Information and Communication Technology – Siwa Oasis” as the best integrated development project from The first category (rural development through information and communication technology), which aimed to provide an opportunity for the residents of Siwa Oasis to build their capabilities and develop their society using the capabilities of information and communication technology.

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