Egypt, Arab League condemn Israeli aggression on Jenin

Sami Hegazi
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Egypt and the Arab League have condemned Israeli military aggression on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it “strongly condemns the Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp, which resulted in the killing of 8 Palestinians and the injury of 27 others.”

The statement said that Egypt “reiterates its total rejection of the repeated Israeli attacks and incursions against Palestinian cities, resulting in the loss of innocent civilian lives through the excessive and indiscriminate use of force.”

The statement stressed that these attacks are “a flagrant violation of the provisions of international law and international legitimacy, especially international humanitarian law which imposes clear and specific obligations on Israel as the occupying power.”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry warned of the “grave dangers of the ongoing Israeli escalation against the Palestinians, which is fueling the situation of tension and aggravating the suffering of the Palestinian people, as well as undermining the efforts made by Egypt and regional and international partners to reduce tension in the occupied territories.”

The statement called on the international community to “intervene to put an end to these violations and provide protection for the Palestinian people, who are suffering from the situation more and more.”

The Arab League also condemned the Israeli aggression on Jenin, calling it “a new crime” and holding Israel “fully responsible” for the deaths and injuries.

The Arab League statement warned of the “extremely dangerous repercussions” of the Israeli aggression on security and stability in Palestine and the region, and called on the international community to “immediately stop the Israeli aggression and provide protection for the Palestinian people.”

The Arab League will hold an emergency meeting on Tuesday at the level of permanent representatives to discuss the Israeli escalation in Jenin.
The meeting was called at the request of the State of Palestine.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh also condemned the Israeli aggression on Jenin, describing it as an “attempt to wipe out the Jenin refugee camp.”

Shtayyeh said that the Palestinian people will not surrender to this aggression, but will resist it “until the demise of the criminal occupation.”

He called for an immediate halt to the aggression in Jenin and for Israel to be punished for its terrorism against its settlers.

The Israeli army launched a large-scale military operation Sunday night and Monday against the Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

More than a thousand soldiers and dozens of drones were taking part in the military operation on Jenin, Israel Army Radio said.

The operation began with multiple airstrikes, which camp residents said included an air-launched missile, triggering firefights.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that at least 8 Palestinians were killed and 27 others were injured, seven of them in serious condition, in an air strike carried out by an Israeli warplane.

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