The Secret Behind Lobna Wanas’ Younger Appearance in “Jaafar El Omda”

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The Secret Behind Lobna Wanas' Younger Appearance in "Jaafar El Omda"

Lobna Wanas, the actress, created a buzz after appearing younger in some scenes of “Jaafar El Omda,” which is currently being aired during Ramadan 2023. Lobna Wanas appeared in a flashback scene, looking beautiful and youthful without any makeup or a body double, which caught the attention of the audience. The way in which director Mohamed Sami achieved this look has become a trending topic, with people curious about the deaging techniques used to make Lobna Wanas appear younger. The makers of the show have revealed the artistic tricks they employed to achieve this effect.

The visual effects company, Mercury, led by Yasser El Naggar, was behind the artistic deaging used to make Lobna Wanas appear younger in some scenes of the popular Ramadan series “Jaafar El Omda”. Mercury is the most renowned visual effects company in Egypt and the Middle East, having previously impressed us with their work on the movies “Weld Rizk”, “El Kenz”, “Al-Asliyyin”, and TV series like “Al Fetewa”, “Ghamam’s Island”, and “The Imam’s messge” which is currently airing.

The team also worked on several international films such as the massive Bollywood production “Saaho”, the Italian superhero film “Dampyr”, and the largest production in Chinese history, “The Battle at Lake Changjin II”.

Director Mohamed Samy praised Mercury and its team’s efforts in executing the flashbacks with professionalism in a TV interview on Al Arabiya. This was done through numerous meetings with the team, capturing different shots of the actors, and studying what has been done in Hollywood and international works. This was all done before the series started filming.

He confirmed that the idea was well received, and pictures of the actors as young ones became a trending topic. This was a result of the continuous work and great effort by the team, especially since this idea was being executed for the first time in the Arab world.

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