Tamweely launches new app to enhance communication with customers

Hossam Mounir
2 Min Read

Tamweely for microfinance has launched a new electronic application on smartphones which allows instant communication between the company and its customers around the clock, as part of its strategic plan for complete digital transformation, and strengthening work mechanisms with increasing reliance on financial technology.

The application is characterized by ease and speed, in addition to securing the confidentiality of information. It also gives the company’s clients the ability to control their accounts, create new accounts, and know all the details of the various financing products, in addition to submitting a request to obtain financing electronically, which allows financing to be disbursed within 48 hours only.

Ahmed Khorshid, CEO and Managing Director of Tamweely, said that the application allows the company’s customers to follow up on the request, find out the nearest branch of the company, determine its location, and the easiest way to reach it.

Korshid confirmed that this step stems from the desire to help the market and customers develop and increase their activities, in addition to supporting government efforts to expand the scope of financial inclusion.

According to Khorshid, the company’s cumulative number of clients is estimated to be over 345,000, while the issued balance amounted to more than EGP 8bn, and the number of the company’s branches is 150 branches across 22 governorates.

Noteworthy Tamweely is a non-banking financial institution that in 2017 with an issued capital of EGP 75m. NI Capital Holding Company for Investment, Ayadi for Investment and Development, and the Post Investment Company are stakeholders.

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