Egyptian squash players occupy top global ranking for many years: WSF

Nehal Samir
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Egypt has been leading the world of squash for many years now, and the Egyptian females athletes are on top of the ranking in the world, so it’s kind of a natural pathway for Egypt to host the 2022 PSA Women’s World Squash Championship, World Squash Federation CEO William Louis-Marie told Daily News Egypt last Friday.

WSF held a press conference last Friday to announce the draw for the 2022 PSA Women’s World Squash Championship that kicked off at the Madinaty Sporting Club on 10 December and will last until 16 December.

He added that Squash is a strong sport in Egypt in both the male and female sides, evidencing that Egypt has some great stories in the squash so having the Women’s World Team Squash Championships, in Egypt is a kind of recognition of what Egypt has provided or given for the  world of squash for many years now.

Louis-Marie said that Egypt also wants to also to lead the development of the Squash in Africa and the Middle East, because it is an African –Arab country.

“So we want to also ensure that Egypt can play a leading role to support the development of Squash in Africa and in the Middle East, based on your kind of unique position in Africa in the Middle East, in addition to being an Arab and African country,” he continued.

He said that Egypt has shown that it can be a successful country in sport, where People are not expecting Egypt to leave because it’s quite unique to have an Arab Muslim country biddings an international sport on both  the male and the female side. So this is a true example that we want to really highlight in front of the entire world.

“I think Egypt has the right chemistry, you have a passion for squash, best athletes, and great facilities, and I want to mention that Madinaty Golf Club is an amazing facility and that TMG is doing an amazing job to create facilities to host major events in the future,” he said.

He added that TMG has the right facility and the right knowledge wishing them all the success to host more events in the future in all sports as they have the commitments and the resources and the knowledge, the right strategy to lead this kind of organization in the future for the betterment of squash but also for different sports in Egypt.

“Our expectations for this tournament for the next coming days are huge because you are bringing the kind of the bar very high. You love Squash, and you want your team to play and to win. And I know that other teams want to compete and want to beat Egypt so it’s going to be great competition, “Louis-Marie added.

“We are very confident about the capacity of the Ministry of Sports, Egyptian Squash Association and TMG to deliver an amazing successful event,” the WSF CEO stressed.

Assem Khalifa, President of Egyptian Squash Association, talked about two of the secrets behind the domination of Egypt in Squash mentioning the first is because of the people who are exerting stranding efforts in order to come up with such championships explaining that Squash lovers in Egypt used to  build complexes to host the most powerful international tournaments, and the teams of other countries used to get wondering how Egypt has such courts with such wonderful capabilities.

In that part, he pointed that the Madinaty Sporting Club is a perfect venue and place for hosting such a championship.

He added that Egypt has achieved supremacy in this game as a result of continuous communication between generations of players. Younger generations of players inherit the legacy of older generations.

Meanwhile, Omar Hisham Talaat, Chief Business Development Officer at TMG, said that Madinaty’s hosting of the World Squash Championship for Women Teams 2022 is the second global sporting event hosted by TMG clubs, after hosting the International Asian Tour, in which 140 players from more than 140 players participated From 40 countries and broadcasted by 60 sports channels around the world.

Talaat added, during his speech at the press conference held on Friday, to announce the draw for the Women’s Squash World Cup, that the TMG clubs have an ambition to become a meeting point for world championships, in light of their unique capabilities, which contributes to the revitalization of sports and tourism in Egypt.

Madinaty Sporting Club has a state of the art infrastructure in all sports, especially in squash, we have eleven courts and we have to elaborate and we added one glass court  for the 2022 WSF,” Youssef Kadry, Commercial Director of club at TMG told Daily News Egypt.

He continued that  when any international federation comes to watch TMG club facilities, especially in squash, they see that it is very ready to host an international tournament as the squash world cup.

By asking him if they are planning to host other championships, he said that “Maybe yes in 2023 we are planning to host two other championships, but I cannot announce them till they are confirmed,” he concluded.

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