No exceptions to registration in e-invoice system: Tax Authority

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Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority Mokhtar Tawfik said that there will be no exceptions for taxpayers in terms of registering in the electronic bill system, adding that all taxpayers are expected to join the electronic bill system by mid-December 2022.

In a statement released on Sunday, Tawfik said that companies that are required to join the electronic invoice system in all its stages must quickly join the system to avoid being penalised by the law.

He also pointed out that individual establishments — whether commercial, industrial, or a service provider — in addition to professionals such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, chartered accountants, consultants, and all self-employed persons are obligated to register in the electronic invoice system no later than 15 December and send their invoices whenever they deal with establishments registered at the Tax Authority on the electronic billing system.

Furthermore, he said that financiers whose dealings are only with a final consumer are also obligated to register in the electronic billing system, but in this case, financiers submit a request to postpone the issuance of invoices in the electronic billing system from its tax office until it is complied with the electronic receipt system according to the binding stages.

Tawfik added that only electronic invoices will be considered in deducting or refunding VAT according to the obligatory decisions issued to implement the electronic invoice system.

He stressed that when all taxpayers join the electronic invoice system, as of 1 April 2023, only electronic invoices will be considered in the deduction or refund of VAT as well as in proving costs or expenses when submitting tax returns.

Moreover, he emphasised that the Tax Authority is keen on continuously warning and educating the financiers of their commitments through all media, according to the directives of the Minister of Finance.

Additionally, Tawfik said that the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Authority provide all facilities and support for companies to compulsorily join the electronic bill system through support centres in the Senior Financiers Centre in the Tenth District of Nasr City, the Inventory and Declarations Sector in Aga Khan, the Joint Stock Companies Mission, the Investment Mission, or the Headquarters Administrator to Manage Electronic Transactions in Salah Salem.

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