Egypt’s Al-Sisi attends graduation ceremony at Police Academy, praises sacrifices of uniformed personnel

Sarah El-Sheikh
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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi attended on Monday the graduation ceremony of a new batch of students from the Police Academy and the Specialised Officers Department.

In a speech at the event, the president said that the state is working to develop all sectors without any distractions or fuss.

He also said that things in Egypt have improved a lot, and that threats of terrorism have receded thanks to the efforts of the country’s Armed and Police Forces.

“We are in a good place, and we are required to do more than that to justify the blood of our martyrs,” he asserted.

He then stressed that “the martyrs are the reason we are living the way we do now, and the cost of this reality was the lives of the sons of Egypt, which is a high price, but it guarantees the protection and stability of more than 100 million people and their future.”

Furthermore, he said that the state is developing all of its sectors, including the Police Force, but without publicising its intentions.

“There is no sector of the state where we do not work. We are developing it, but we are working without any hustle and bustle.”

“We are not saying that we will restructure or reform, but we are committed to the development process and understand that it cannot realistically end within a specific time period, and as long as the world changes, we must develop, and this includes all sectors of the state,” he continued.

Upon his arrival at the Academy’s headquarters, he was received by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and Minister of Interior Mahmoud Tawfik.

During the ceremony, Al-Sisi watched several displays of athleticism and tactical operations conducted by the graduating class and their various teams.


The presentations included students from different academic years displaying their skills in shooting, engagement, pursuit, and implementing practical models on how to confront crime.

The Egyptian Police Academy is considered one of the oldest and largest police academies in the world, and the first at the regional level. It is a lofty scientific and security edifice.

Many universities and police academies in the world are seeking to sign cooperation protocols with the Egyptian Police Academy to take advantage of its substantial role in preparing, qualifying, and training many security cadres, not only at the Arab level, but at the African, Asian, and European levels as well.

It is also the first educational institution in the region to award master’s and doctoral degrees in police sciences.

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