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British newspaper claims Iran in cahoots with Brotherhood

The Times reports that the presence of an Iranian official in Egypt is proof the Brotherhood means to ‘enslave Egyptians’

An article published by the British newspaper The Times on Tuesday alleged Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood were working together to develop an intelligence agency that would operate under the Brotherhood’s control.

The article alleged that Qassem Suleimani, leader of the Iranian Al-Quds brigade, met with senior officials close to President Mohamed Morsy at the president’s request in the last week of December. According to unnamed sources, Suleimani was in Cairo to help Morsy and the Brotherhood create their own intelligence agency.

The piece concluded that this is an attempt by Iran and the Brotherhood to “enslave the country under a theocracy, while the prospect of Iran gaining influence in Cairo will make Egypt’s neighbours and allies fearful.”

Sources quoted from within the Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau confirmed the Egyptian government had requested high-level meetings with Iran and that it served as a message to the US that Egypt would conduct diplomacy with whomever they please.

Freedom and Justice Party spokesperson Mohamed Soudan said there have been no official requests by the party, or the Brotherhood, to meet with Iranian officials.

Soudan added that members of the Brotherhood could not speak on behalf the government.

The Times article alleged that Morsy “and his Islamist backers have grown frustrated that Egypt’s intelligence services, still run by military old-timers from the Mubarak era, have refused to share information with the government or allow the Brotherhood access to their surveillance apparatus.” Sources added that, in exchange for its assistance, Iran sought concessions on Syria.

In response to the allegations, the Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesperson Mahmoud Ghozlan said it was a fabrication, denying the Brotherhood had ever asked for support from Iran.


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