Newly appointed Tourism Minister inspects latest developments in GEM

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Newly appointed Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa visited the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) on Sunday to inspect the latest developments in its construction.

He also held a meeting with Atef Moftah — General Supervisor of the GEM Project — along with the workers on the project to listen to their demands and suggestions regarding the work mechanisms of the museum.

Furthermore, the minister watched a documentary film about the stages of establishing the museum and the various works that have been implemented in it so far.

Moftah also reviewed in a presentation the latest developments regarding the museum and the surrounding area, the completion rates, the construction phases, the Khufu Solar Boat Museum, the provision and operation of services to visitors to the museum, and the executive position of the service area.

He also indicated that the main building and the general site are almost complete, the structural work and external facades of the Khufu Solar Boat Museum have been completed, and implementation of the communications and insurance systems is also almost complete.

For his part, Issa expressed his pride as an Egyptian for what he witnessed in this huge project — which includes the treasures of the Egyptian civilisation — and is eager for all Egyptians and the world to see it for themselves, stressing the need to combine all efforts to complete the remaining works in this giant civilisational edifice and to abide by the specified deadlines to complete all works in a perfect manner.

Moreover, he described the museum as one of the largest and most important aspects of public spending for employment, providing job opportunities, supporting tourism, and stimulating and empowering the private sector to create a new tourism product and a special tourism experience that addresses and attracts all segments of travellers, especially big spenders, which in turn increases productivity and profits.

Additionally, Issa referred to the ministry’s role as a catalyst, regulator, and watchdog, especially in light of the importance of the tourism industry and its role in the country’s national economy, explaining that the successes and achievements in the tourism and antiquities sector will be built on and that the next stage will witness more work.

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