UN political affairs chief warns of bleak prospects for ending Russia-Ukraine conflict

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Rosemary DiCarlo, UN under-secretary-general for political and peacebuilding affairs, said on Friday that the Russia-Ukraine conflict shows no signs of ending, despite an “encouraging” grain deal.

Ambassadors were briefed by the UN political affairs chief, who pointed to the recent agreement on the safe resumption of grain exports via the Black Sea as a bright light in the conflict, though acknowledging the dim prospects for peace.

“The grain agreement is a sign that dialogue between the parties is possible in the search to ease human suffering,” said DiCarlo.

She added that the United Nations is making every effort to support implementation of the deal, which was signed last week in Türkiye.

The conflict’s impact globally is “glaringly clear,” said DiCarlo, noting that the consequences will only become more pronounced the longer fighting lasts, particularly with the onset of winter.

“Despite the encouraging developments on grain and fertilizers, we remain deeply concerned about the lack of prospects for a shift towards a meaningful resumption of diplomatic efforts to end the war,” she told the Security Council.

“Escalatory rhetoric from any side, including about expanding the conflict geographically or denying Ukraine’s statehood, is not consistent with the constructive spirit demonstrated in Istanbul,” she said.

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