Egypt enters sixth wave of COVID-19 pandemic, but everything ‘under control’

Daily News Egypt
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Most cases infected with the coronavirus in Egypt are now “under control” and have been placed under the classification of simple cases similar to colds and flus, said Mohamed Awad Taj Al-Din — Presidential Adviser for Health and Preventive Affairs.

He explained that the vast majority of the cases are being treated at home using prescription drugs.

However, some cases need to be admitted to hospitals, but they are under the control of doctors, Taj El-Din said during TV show statements on Friday evening, calling on citizens to adhere to precautionary measures.

“Commitment to masks and social distancing is very important at this stage, and the Coronavirus Crisis Management Committee is in an ongoing session,” he said, noting that the state has exerted much effort to provide coronavirus vaccines that give a kind of immunity that reduces the risks of side effects brought about by the disease.

Moreover, the adviser said that the country has already started its sixth wave of coronavirus infections, and therefore there may be an increase in the number of cases, explaining that the wave is currently on an upwards curve.

“The infection rate was stable six weeks ago, and there was small number of cases,” Taj Al-Din said, explaining that this current wave is expected to be present in many countries.

“Many countries have reinstated precautionary measures after they had cancelled them due to the return of a high number of infections.”

Finally, he announced that due to the increase in infections, the Ministry of Health and Population has designated three hospitals for isolation in Cairo.

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