Aswan Forum calls for strengthening peace, security, and development policies

Sami Hegazi
3 Min Read

The Aswan Forum 2022 for peace and sustainable development concluded its third session on Wednesday by issuing a number of recommendations that called for enhancing peace, security, and development policies and strengthening the ability of countries to resolve their own conflicts and withstand multiple risks facing the continent.

The forum called for intensive action to diversify the sources of food imports and secure supply chains for the countries of the continent, and the need for concerted international efforts to support African countries by providing stimulus packages to their economies and mitigate the damage they face.

It called for adopting a comprehensive approach to combating terrorism and working to build strong African national institutions capable of confronting successive terrorist threats and achieving economic and humanitarian development, in a more comprehensive and sustainable manner, to promote peace and development

The forum stressed the need to find innovative solutions that achieve the objectives of the African Union Agenda (AUG) 2063 and the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG) for 2030.

The forum also stressed the importance of strengthening African economic relations by increasing the volume of investments in infrastructure in various productive sectors, which activates the process of Free Trade and creates promising opportunities for economic relations between African countries and each other, and between Africa and the world..

The participants of the forum called for benefiting from the outcomes of the COP27 climate conference hosted by Egypt in November regarding the climate file and its repercussions on the African continent, and discussing the repercussions of climate change on peace, security and development, including the interconnection between adaptation to climate change and peacebuilding, the interference of climate change with food and water security, and the relationship between displacement and climate change.

The forum stressed the need to address the scarcity of food security and the increase in poverty, warning that the repercussions of these crises are increasing extremism and terrorism, including humanitarian security crises, including forced displacement and weak food security in light of the significant impact of climate change.

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