Eight female students launch campaign to raise awareness about insulin-resistance

Daily News Egypt
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Insulin resistance is one of the diseases that a pre-diabetic gets directly before developing diabetes, especially in women, and it is one of the main causes of diabetes.

Although there is no definitive cure for diabetes — and the many complications that come with it — in the world, early identification of insulin resistance is the only way to prevent diabetes.

That is why eight students from the Faculty of Media at Misr International University (MIU) adopted the idea of raising awareness about insulin resistance to protect against diabetes and its complications as their graduation project.

The ‘Control Your Insulin Campaign’ — that was launched on social media — is the first of its kind to raise awareness of the importance of conducting the necessary analyses to discover and treat insulin resistance before it develops into diabetes.

The campaign focused on women, as they are the most vulnerable to this disease, based on the opinions of research-specialised doctors.

According to the students, insulin resistance is a stage that precedes type two diabetes. However, if this disease was managed correctly, diabetes can be prevented.

The ultimate objective of the campaign is to reduce the number of people with type two diabetes.

The Insulin Resistance Awareness Project was presented by Farida Al-Alfy, Salma Hazem, Haya Amr, Donia Essam, Habiba Al-Bishri, Amina Ayoub, Maryam Auf, and Mirna Shehab under the supervision of Professor Hanan Ghaly, with the participation of Rana Suleiman.

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