Nova Clinics Chairman: Awareness Campaign not directed against anyone

Daily News Egypt
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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nova Clinics Samir Sabry said his clinics faced big criticism due to the recent media campaign, clarifying that the campaign was not directed against anyone because this is against the core mission, which is choosing natural beauty in the first place.

Confirming all respect and appreciation for the clients, Sabry noted that the campaign meant to raise the awareness about the laser hair removal devices, underlining that the needs of each skin differ from the other based on its color and the color of hair, which play an important role in determining the appropriate laser hair removal device.

Sabry pointed out that skin color has a direct relationship with the laser hair removal devices, like the similarity of the relationship between cosmetics and the skin, as they are chosen according to the degree of the skin.

Some devices are suitable for light skin only, and others that are suitable for dark skin and some devices are suitable for all skin tones, Sabry said, therefore the idea of the recent campaign on social media was to raise awareness about laser hair removal devices and current offers.

According to him, the choice of the device used in the hair removal is according to the type and color of the skin and hair, which is done by Nova Clinics’s most skilled dermatologists.

He further said that our vision is based on accepting criticism with the aim of development, emphasizing constant keenness on transparency with the customers by clarifying the main campaign message

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