Egypt to ease precautionary measures during Ramadan 

Daily News Egypt
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The Egyptian authorities announced on Sunday easing restrictions with regard to confronting the Coronavirus pandemic, mainly allowing events at halls attached to mosques.

Additionally, Egypt allowed Taraweeh prayers – special prayers Muslims perform during the month of fasting – at major mosques with precautionary measures in place. It also extended the working hours of shops, restaurants, and cafes until 2 am during the holy month.

According to Nader Saad, the official spokesperson for the cabinet, Ramadan charity banquets – which are traditionally held publicly in the streets – will also be allowed. It was also agreed to hold weddings and celebrations in in-door halls in hotels, while adhering to precautionary measures, starting from April.

Acting Minister of Health, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, reviewed a report – during the cabinet meeting – on the epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus in Egypt. The number of deaths decreased significantly in the last five weeks, and isolation hospitals were reduced from 17 to only 7, due to the decrease in the number of infections that require hospitalization.

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