Al Ahram Beverages starts recycling journey through “Reverse Credit”

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Al Ahram Beverages Company started the recycling journey through participating in plastic waste recycling and manufacturing with the “Reverse Credit” system in participation with CID and a number of Egyptian and International companies.

Al Ahram Beverages Managing Director, Mr. Nikolay Mladenov “Al Ahram Beverages has always worked hard to create and maintain the sustainable development of the communities where we operate. Fortunately, we are now considered a main pillar of the government’s plan to save the environment especially after signing the plastic waste management and recycling pact within the initiative of the Ministry of Environment.”

He also added “ABC is supporting the Reverse Credit System to be the most successful system to elevate the standards of our Egyptian environment preservation, therefore we chose ‘15th of May’ garbage cluster to be dedicated only to achieve the company’s recycling target; our success to include this place into the system will reflect positively on the surrounding society, the operating workforce and the sustainability development in general.”

The garbage created by the Egyptian society, with all its categories, is very rich in materials and plastics are the most dangerous of all on the environment due to their long decomposition period and extensive harm on the ecosystem. That’s why Al Ahram Bverages Company is kicking off the Reverse Credit System that encourages and motivates recycling workers to collect and sort garbage in general, and plastic bottles in particular, where they get extra fees added to their accounts upon the approval of the merchant, they delivered the selected garbage to; and the merchant gets his extra fees after supplying the recycle plant with the materials and obtaining approval, etc… This system is one of the most successful so far, in terms of process organization and stimulation starting with the worker and ending with the recycling plant & manufacturer.

For such reason, on the 28th of March 2021, and coinciding with the Egyptian Recycling Day, ABC signed the Plastic Pact for managing and recycling plastic waste in a safe and healthy manner to preserve the environment and the Egyptian society. 

This initiative is one of the most important initiatives in the field of environmental preservation, because we are threatened by the incorrect and unsafe waste management problem. Egypt is one of the richest countries in that field allowing a huge number of companies and stakeholders to enter the system and reach satisfying results that would positively reflect on our environment and society. We still have a long path to walk to achieve sustainable development and make our country “Green”, but we took our first steps through this initiative and others as well as hosting COP27.

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