Armed Forces Chief of Staff inspects air base

Sami Hegazi
2 Min Read

Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Osama Askar inspected an air base on Wednesday.

This is within the framework of the regular and continuous follow-up of all units of various weapons and specialisations to ensure their readiness to carry out all tasks entrusted to them.

Askar listened to a detailed explanation of the training activities that are being implemented to determine the preparedness of pilots and technical crews and to be assured about the level of training and the technical and administrative status of the Air Force’s personnel.

He also witnessed the pre-flight instruction stages for a number of pilots and technical staff and discussed the planning and execution style of multiple missions.

Furthermore, Askar reviewed a practical statement of the preparation and take-off of a number of fighter aircrafts, which showed the Air Force’s high combat efficiency and ability to carry out all tasks assigned to them.

He also inspected a number of aircrafts of various types as well as a number of technical and specialized facilities for preparing and maintaining them.

“The general command of the armed forces is keen to provide the air force with the latest fighters and multi-mission aircrafts as well as the latest navigation equipment to keep pace with the continuous technological development in the aviation world,” he said.

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