Intensive efforts for setting chamber to license realtors

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Mohamed Deghaidi, a member of the Egyptian Association for Realtors.

The Egyptian Association of Realtors is seeking to establish its own chamber of commerce to set the professional standards for practicing the profession and the ethical and behavioural rules necessary for joining the real estate marketing profession, according to Mohamed Deghaidi, a member of the Egyptian Association for Realtors.

The chamber will be part of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.

He added that work is also ongoing with the government agencies concerned to establish a real estate marketing agency to be the granting body for licenses of the real estate marketing profession.

Developing educational and training curricula for those working in the profession will be a sole work of the new chamber, so long as conducting qualifying tests for obtaining licenses to practice the activity, Deghaidi said.

He noted that the new chamber will also be entrusted with giving approval for companies working in the field of real estate training and discussing and developing laws and legislation regulating this profession.

“The association is holding periodic and intensive meetings during the current period to participate in the regulatory process of the real estate market to keep pace with what the Egyptian state is doing to advance this vital sector,” he said.

He stressed the importance of fully qualifying all entities and persons involved in the real estate industry, whether the planning, development, construction, or the real estate marketing sectors.

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