Climate changes severely affect development paths: Environment Minister

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Egypt’s Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad said that climate changes severely affect development paths, which prompted Egypt to take serious steps to confront and adapt to the negative effects of climate change.

The most important of these efforts is the preparation of an interactive map application that uses available global and regional scenarios to determine the extent to which fragile and threatened areas are affected by the negative effects of climate change and to identify the best areas for investment in Egypt.

Fouad made her remarks in a recorded speech during her participation in the scientific forum on climate change, which was organised by the International Association for Development, Environment, and Culture (Alexandria Lovers).

During her speech, the Minister of Environment touched on the important projects carried out by the state through the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to reduce and adapt to the negative effects of climate change, such as the ‘Nile Delta Adaptation Project’, which identifies areas of vulnerability or the “hot spots.” 

She added that the world has been facing many climatic events for years due to global warming as a result of the industrial revolution, which caused an increase in the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, and the repercussions of that crisis are constantly increasing, threatening the sustainability of natural resources and the future of many living creatures as a result of natural disasters and the spread of epidemics and diseases.

“Egypt is one of the countries most exposed to the negative effects of climate change, although Africa and Egypt are not the culprits of these emissions,” she said.

The minister pointed to a report issued by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority in 2021, which stated that the last decade had witnessed a rise and fall in temperatures that had not occurred in decades, which prompted the Egyptian government to take more serious measures, programmes, and policies to confront climate change and its negative repercussions on different sectors.

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