Egyptian government launches electronic litigation platform for economic courts

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Minister of Justice Omar Marwan launched on Tuesday the electronic litigation platform for economic courts, in the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the General Manager of Microsoft Egypt, and the Chairperson of Link Development Company.

This step is an implementation of Egypt’s Vision 2030, towards implementing digital transformation in state institutions. In his speech, the Minister of Justice said that Egypt seeks to achieve digital transformation to ensure accuracy of work and high-quality performance.

He stressed that the Ministry of Justice, under the umbrella and follow-up of the Prime Minister, sought to develop the litigation system and facilitate its procedures for litigants. He noted that the fruit of success was the harvest of joint work with the ministries of communications, planning and finance and Microsoft and Link, which specialize in this field

The Minister indicated that the electronic litigation project is a nucleus for the dissemination of litigation procedures remotely to keep pace with the requirements of this era and achieve prompt justice, praising the great role of the Ministry of Communications in providing the logistical. He extended his thanks to the Ministry of Finance for its constructive role In implementing the project and providing the means of financial linkage, as well as the tangible effort made by the Ministry of Planning to coordinate with business partners and overcome the obstacles to launching the project.

At the end of his speech, the minister expressed that the Ministry of Justice is keen on being active in the digital transformation system and seeks to do more. This includes the electronic filing of the lawsuit and the litigation before the court, and even the appeal of the preliminary ruling issued.

In his speech, Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat said that the Egyptian state paid great attention to adapting information technology in the service of justice and enabling the judiciary to keep pace with technological development.

Talaat explained that the platform will contribute to completing litigation procedures before economic courts, facilitating procedures for dealers and relieving them from the burden of attending the courts’ headquarters, in addition to saving time and effort for the parties to the litigation process, reducing the use of paper, as well as facilitating measures for companies and litigants outside Egypt. He noted that this launch is a dedication to the strategic direction of the state to catch up with development by adopting digital technologies in providing services to make the lives of citizens easier.

He reviewed aspects of joint cooperation between the Ministries of Justice and Communications and Information Technology in many areas to implement the Egypt Digital Justice Project, through developing and mechanizing the infrastructure of courts. The efforts made to launch the platform included developing programs for economic courts last December; as the infrastructure of eight economic courts across the country were completed. The litigant registry part was also completed. It is responsible for electronically recording litigant data of lawyers, legal persons, companies, government bodies and ministries. A secure Internet connection for courts was also provided. A lot of other court services are available online.

Mirna Aref, General Manager of Microsoft Egypt, said that the electronic litigation platform will speed up litigation procedures with the highest standards of safety and transparency, which contributes to attracting investment, improving the work environment and achieving sustainable development.

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