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Investment controls for charging stations, EV tariffs presented to Egypt Cabinet

Proposed electric bus tariff set at 100 piasters kW/hr for medium voltage, 121.3 piasters kW/hr for low voltage

The controls regulating investment in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and the proposed kilowatt per hour (kW/hr) tariff for selling electricity at charging stations, has been presented to the Egyptian Cabinet.

Several meetings have been held over the past period, between shipping companies on the one hand, and the Ministries of Electricity, Public Business Sector, and Military Production on the other. The meetings saw discussions on the investment controls and tariffs for selling electricity to charging stations, as well as the tariff for charging electric vehicles.

According to the controls, electricity distribution companies are prohibited from working in EV charging stations to protect competition.

The Egyptian Electricity Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA) will handle the process of issuing investor licences for EV charging stations sector. It will also determine the prices that charging stations will adopt when selling electricity to consumers, with the final prices to be reviewed annually.

As for the electric bus charging stations affiliated to the Public Transport Authorities (PTA) in Cairo and Alexandria, a preferential selling price will be proposed to bus stations by the distribution company. The move aims to support the increased use of electric buses across Egypt,

The price will be set at 100 piasters per kilowatt hour (kW/hr) if the charging station relies on medium voltage, and 121.3 piasters kW/hr if it relies on low voltage.

Regarding passenger car (PC) home charging, the tariff will be considered in the same manner as other household appliances.

Regarding commercial EV charging stations, the charging tariff for 22 kW of alternating current (AC) has been set at 121.3 piasters kW/hr. The service fee will be 47.7 piasters kW/hr, and the average charging fee price will be 169 piasters.

The current will be provided by electricity distribution companies at locations where a company owns the land it uses, and is as a result exempted from paying for land use.

As for the 22 kW AC charging tariff for locations where the charging company is obligated to pay for land use, the price from distribution companies to the station owner has been set at about 121.3 piasters kW/hr, and a service fee of 67.7 piasters kW/hr. The tariff for fast car charging is estimated at 189 piasters kW/hr.

Regarding the 50 kW direct current (DC) charging tariff, the price of supplying electricity from distribution companies to station owner has been set at about 121.3 piasters kW/hr, with a service fee of 253.7 piasters kW/hr. The tariff for fast car charging has been set at 375 piasters kW/hr.

EgyptERA regulates the relationship between charging station investors, distribution companies, and final consumers, to ensure equality and free competition for the sake of consumer protection.

The agency grants a 12-month licence to all companies that engage in EV charging, as a transitional period for the issuance of the full licence. The licence is then granted for a period of five years and is automatically renewed.

Although the licence is currently valued at EGP 100,000, EgyptERA has proposed a 50% discount on the fee to EGP 50,000 to issue the licence, to encourage projects.

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