UHIA, e-finance to contribute 50%, 35% of e-health capital, respectively

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Egypt’s e-finance for financial and digital investments and the Universal Health Insurance Authority (UHIA) participated in the founding assembly for the establishment of the sister company, e-health, specialized in developing, managing, and operating digital solutions for the health sector. The new company was officially launched last October.

During the founding assembly, it was agreed that e-finance will contribute 35% of the new company’s capital, while the UHIA will contribute 50%, provided that the paid-in capital would be EGP 100m.

The new company will mainly manage and operate the technological services of the comprehensive health insurance system in Egypt, which aims to cover 100 million Egyptians within 10 years.

In addition to digitizing comprehensive health insurance services, e-health will also provide specialized digital services for the health insurance sector and the healthcare sector in general nationwide, including managing and operating the daily operations of insurance and health technology systems, technical support services, and consulting.

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance aims to rely on e-health as one of its electronic arms to accelerate the implementation of mechanized systems and digital transformation in its affiliated bodies, as it is scheduled to play a major role in developing the comprehensive health insurance system, according to Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait, who also praised the company’s mission is to maximize the state’s efforts to improve the lives of citizens, meet their development needs, and improve the services provided to them.

Hossam Sadek, Executive Director of the UHIA, stated that the founding assembly of e-health paves the way for the start of the company’s activity and the achievement of the desired goal of facilitating the provision of health services to citizens and developing the concept of health care in Egypt.

“We are aware of the size of the benefits that will accrue to the comprehensive health insurance system in light of providing it with digital transformation techniques, and we are happy to partner in this regard with e-finance, which has a proven track record of achievements in this sector, which enables us to speed up achievement in accordance with the latest global mechanisms and in accordance with the strictest standards,” he added.

 For his part, Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairperson and Managing Director of e-finance, valued the great confidence that e-finance enjoys in its various projects and partnerships with government agencies.

He added: “e-finance has sufficient experience and complete determination to enter new stages of the development and digitization process that we launched in cooperation with the Egyptian state within the framework of an ambitious strategy for digital transformation. Since the health sector is one of the most important vital sectors that will benefit greatly from modern technologies in providing its services, we are working with enthusiasm to get the job done.”

“e-health will also be the most suitable digitization portal for various institutions operating in the health sector in Egypt, which aspire to flourish in their business and improve the way services are provided to their customers, thanks to the digital tools it provides to monitor, organize, analyze and translate resources and data into practical recommendations that raise the efficiency of operations, as well as facilitating the provision of various services to clients,” he added.

The new company will provide insurance and health systems with digital solutions to develop their technological systems, as well as artificial intelligence services, data monitoring and analysis solutions, smart information systems, decision support solutions, as well as advanced solutions in energy management systems, service agreement management services, and monitoring services systems and infrastructure, planning services to ensure business continuity and expansion, security and performance testing services, and update and release deployment management services.

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