Suez Canal, Siemens sign cooperation protocol to promote digital transformation

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Osama Rabie, Chairperson of the Suez Canal Authority, and Mostafa El Bagoury, CEO of Siemens – Egypt, witnessed the signing of a joint cooperation protocol between the two sides to enhance joint coordination and exchange of experiences in the fields of industrial operations, digital transformation, and development.

The joint cooperation stipulates studying ways of cooperation in terms of providing training services by Siemens to develop and enhance the efficiency of the technical staff in the authority, including engineers and technicians, in addition to studying ways to develop the training centers of the authority, according to the statement.

Under the memorandum of cooperation, the two parties are considering concluding an agreement to supply the necessary spare parts to the authority by Siemens, including concluding a comprehensive maintenance contract that includes supplying equipment and spare parts produced by the company, after the end of the warranty period at competitive prices suitable with the market prices.

Under the memorandum of cooperation, the two parties are studying the possibility of Siemens cooperation with companies affiliated with the Suez Canal, such as Al Temsah Shipbuilding Company, in activities related to the design and operation of automatic control systems, electric motors and gearboxes in marine units.

The agreement includes a study of ways to develop and improve the efficiency of the transit axes system, such as the project to develop the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel 1, in addition to studying the project of establishing a central control and monitoring center for all transit axes between the two banks of the canal, including a series of tunnels, floating bridges and a ferry.

The cooperation frameworks extend to include the study of joint cooperation in the field of constructing water stations, in addition to conducting periodic visits by a working team representing Siemens to the various departments of the authority to inventory and assess the condition of all the company’s products and devices used, and make recommendations for the necessary development.

In his speech, Rabie expressed his confidence that cooperation and joint coordination with Siemens Egypt, the main partner in many Egyptian development projects, will result in taking steps towards implementing the objectives of the authority’s strategy 2023, by upgrading all human cadres training systems according to international standards and implementing a comprehensive system for digital transformation at the highest level. This cooperation is also expected to improve the efficiency of operating systems, in order to ensure the optimum utilization of the physical and human assets of the Authority, while keeping pace with the tremendous development of the maritime transport industry globally, as well as enhancing the classification of the Canal as the most important seaway in the world.

El Bagoury expressed his happiness with the joint cooperation with the Suez Canal Authority and his aspiration to develop new steps to work on developing performance in all areas of the Authority’s sectors, through many digital transformation projects and areas of training, technical support and exchange of experiences.

The joint cooperation protocol was signed by Mohamed Hassan Abdel Moneim, Director of the Supply Department, representing the Suez Canal Authority, and Wael Omar, Senior Vice President of Digital Industries, representing Siemens Egypt.

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