Egypt’s Parliament approves law allowing dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood employees

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Egypt’s lower house of parliament, headed by Speaker Hanafi El Gebali, has given final approval to a draft law allowing for the dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood employees. The draft law was submitted to the House of Representatives by MP Ali Badr and 10 members

The approval amends some provisions of Law No 10 of 1973, which aims to dismiss employees affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist elements.

The House of Representatives had previously approved the draft law in its entirety, and referred it to the State Council.

The law reflects the government’s keenness to rid the administrative system of Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist elements. It also seeks to amend the Law on Non-Disciplinary Dismissal of Civil Servants (10/1972), which will strengthen national security.

A number of ministers have previously complained in Parliament that they lack the legal tools to rid their ministries of employees espousing terrorist thoughts and ideologies. The new draft law will allow cabinet ministers to dismiss employees with proven links to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist-designated groups.

The draft law allows employees to appeal against their dismissal and return to their jobs if their names are removed from the relevant terrorist lists.

The second article indicated the cases in which the employee may be dismissed by other means than the disciplinary method. It stipulates that it is not permissible to dismiss employees referred to in the previous article by any other than the disciplinary method, except in certain cases.

This will be applicable to any employee who breaches his job duties in a way that seriously harms a public utility in the state or its economic interests, and if he loses confidence and consideration.

If there are serious concerns about national security, listing the worker on the list of terrorists in accordance with the provisions of Law No 8 of 2010 regulating the lists of terrorist entities and terrorists is a serious presumption.

The worker shall be suspended by force of law for a period of six months maximum, or until the issuance of the dismissal decision, whichever comes first. This comes alongside the suspension of payment of half of their wages throughout the period of suspension from work.

This will take place if the employee loses one or more reasons for the validity of the position he occupies, with the exception of health reasons or in the event that one or more of the aforementioned grounds for dismissal are available.

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