25 developers to partake in 4th Egypt Property and Investment Show in July

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The 2H Exhibitions Management company has announced the launch of the Egypt Property and Investment Show (EPIS), which will take place on 7-10 July.

The fourth edition of the event will take place with the participation of over 25 major developers in the market.

Islam Borhan, a board member at 2H Exhibitions Management, said that the company plans to organise a number of exhibitions in 2021, starting with the EPIS exhibition.

The exhibition benefits from its timely placement at the beginning of the summer season, and before the opening of the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

Borhan added that the exhibition will include diverse projects and distinguished investment opportunities for exhibitors and visitors.

He noted that the company aims to diversify the project portfolio of exhibiting companies and projects showcased at the exhibition, to meet the needs and desires of all exhibition visitors.

Borhan also highlighted that exhibitors will offer exclusive offers and distinct payment plans that will only take place during the exhibition period.

He further said that property is still a safe haven for investment, and has a high investment return for customers after the interest rates were slashed at Egyptian banks.

Additionally, the diversity of offered projects and innovation in providing various payment systems supports customer’s purchasing decision-making. This is in addition to the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) initiative to provide mortgage funds for middle-income people helps a lot of customers in purchasing their units, he elaborated.

Hisham Enaba, board member of 2H Exhibitions, said that the EPIS will gather the largest number of distinguished developers and their various projects in one place. The exhibition will allow customers to choose from multiple projects, and to enjoy exceptional competitive offers.

Enaba stressed that the most important elements of the success of real estate exhibitions is choosing the timing, venue, and exhibiting companies.

He also explained that these companies should enjoy a serious reputation, credibility, and have a previous track record of experience, as well as a strong reputation in the real estate market.

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