Egypt removes several NGO members from travel ban lists

Daily News Egypt
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Egypt has removed 20 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from travel ban lists, following their acquittal in the anticipated foreign funding case retrial, according to the Cairo Court of Appeal’s Counsellor Ali Mukhtar. 

He clarified that, after completing the investigations, the legal position of some of these organisations subject to investigations had already been determined. He also noted that 14 of the organisations were acquitted due to insufficient evidence. 

Mikhtar confirmed that civil society plays a pivotal role in sustainable development, and asserted the importance of Ministerial Decision No 104 of 2021, issuing the executive regulations for the Law Regulating the Practice of the work of the civil society organisations. 

He called on Egyptian and foreign organisations, associations, institutions, unions, and entities to quickly adjust their positions in accordance with the law in order to achieve their desired goal in Egypt. 

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