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Deadline for civil associations to adjust their status per Egypt’s NGO law extended to April 2023

The Minister said that civil society in Egypt is witnessing a great…

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Chinese NGO reveals U.S. violation of human rights

It underlined that the United States has committed war crimes, crimes against…

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Al-Sisi signs law on reconciling situation of regulating NGO’s work

Two weeks ago, the Senate finally approved a draft law submitted by…

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Egypt removes several NGO members from travel ban lists

Freeze imposed on 20 NGO members' assets to be lifted, in case…

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Egyptian NGO for children with disabilities receives JICA Award

The newly established JICA Egypt Office Chief Representative Award aims to give…

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Alwan Wa Awtar: NGO striving for youth social development

We teach students contemporary dancing, choir singing, children pottery, storytelling, playing on…

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Partisan politics dead, new alliance between military, NGOs needed: Badrawi

‘We need $100bn investments to create million jobs, to cover the foreign…

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Parliament responds to US NGO report on Copts in Egypt 

Report cites Muslim Brotherhood as reason behind sectarian strife

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Parliament rejects bill prepared by American NGO to support Copts 

MP Alaa Abed depicts bill as interference in Egypt’s internal affairs 

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