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Egypt removes several NGO members from travel ban lists

Freeze imposed on 20 NGO members' assets to be lifted, in case…

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Egypt aims to increase British tourist movement after lifting travel ban on Sharm El-Sheikh

Government studies operating internal flights from Luxor to Sharm El Sheikh and…

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Op-ed review: Al-Sisi’s visit to Russia, travel ban, Khashoggi case

For Al-Akhbar’s Karam Gabr, Al-Sisi’s visit comes amid a series of successful…

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Court removes novelist Ahmed Nagy from travel ban list

He was charged with publishing ‘obscene sexual content’

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Travel ban, strong dollar seen putting damper on US tourism sector

Travel and tourism's contribution to the US economy will grow at a…

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Trump, racism, and other stuff

International and local media, as well as social networks, circulated the executive…

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Trump’s travel ban order raises concerns over global safety 

Political science professor Hassan Nafea suggests Egypt and other countries should oppose…

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Trump’s travel ban could ‘impact international cultural exchange’

German-Iranian artists like writer Navid Kermani and actress Jasmin Tabatabai are impacted…

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Trump’s Muslim travel ban plunges airlines into chaos

Global airlines have been caught largely off guard by new US rules…

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Human rights lawyer Negad El-Borai barred from travelling

The lawyer was travelling to Jordan to visit his family

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