Board of Trustees proposed to manage Saray Al-Qubba Youth Center: Chairperson

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Board of Trustees proposed to manage Saray Al-Qubba Youth Center: Chairperson

Hani Mohamed Taha, Chairperson of the Saray Al-Qubba Youth Center, has revealed he has proposed for a Board of Trustees to be formed to manage the youth centre after its development.

The proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for consideration. The Board of Trustees will be formed from the General Assembly, and will the centre to keep pace with the new investment idea.

It will also ensure a management team is brought on board to increase the club’s resources, develop and maintain its facilities, and develop its resources.

Taha said that the crisis always lies in the post-development stage, and there must be administrative competencies that have the ability to deal with the centre’s new financial situation.

Hani Mohamed Taha
Hani Mohamed Taha

This will, as a result, shift away from volunteer work, and will protect such centres from vulnerabilities to corruption. It will also ensure the rehabilitation or structuring of workers in directorates, so that they can provide the desired payoff at work.

He added that the club is currently working on completing the procedures of demolition and building licences to start implementing projects. It is expected that the club will be ready to start demolition and construction work in March, through the implementing agency, which is the National Service Projects Organization.

The work is expected to cost f up to EGP 200m, in addition to an annual return of EGP 1.2m in rental value that increases by 10% annually.

Taha noted that the 4.5 feddan centre currently boasts 8,400 members, with annual subscriptions valued at between EGP 18-23.

However, he submitted a request to raise annual membership subscriptions to between EGP 50 and EGP 75, which has caused a significant decline in revenues. The resulting tailing off in membership numbers has meant the centre has become unable to maintain and develop its facilities.

Taha said that the development will see a large garage constructed, alongside a commercial mall, and the redevelopment of the centre’s entire infrastructure and facilities. Other proposed work will see a large stadium established, along with: two five-a-side courts; tennis and squash courts; a multi-purpose playground; house games halls; a fitness hall; a swimming pool; and a hall for events and celebrations.

The usufruct is different between stadiums and service and commercial facilities whose usufruct period will reach 25 years, while other facilities will be in accordance with controls set by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Taha said that the membership value after the development, according to a memorandum submitted to the ministry, would be EGP 3,000 for the individual and EGP 5,000 for the family, which would be paid in instalments.

This would ensure returns of EGP 30-40m if 5,000 membership packages are sold. The revenues will be used in serving the members and maintaining and developing the centre, while the annual subscription will be a maximum of EGP 200 per family.

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