Google Arts and Culture preserves cultural landmarks in Iraq’s Mosul using technology

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Google Arts and Culture preserves cultural landmarks in Iraq’s Mosul using technology

Google Arts and Culture announced, on Monday, the launch of the “The arts and soul of Mosul”, in collaboration with AlGhad Radio.

The online project aims to preserve the Maslawi heritage in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, including iconic landmarks that have faced destruction, such as the Noori Complex and the Lion of Mosul.

The launch of the Art and Soul of Mosul project coincides with the second anniversary of the “Return to Mosul Exhibition”. It is Google Arts and Culture’s latest project showcasing and supporting the preservation of the Middle East region’s contemporary culture and ancient heritage.

Using cutting-edge technology in an effort to support the preservation of local heritage sites across the Middle East, Google Arts and Culture allows people to discover the Noori Complex, an icon that has unfortunately faced threats of destruction.

People can also walk through Mosul’s Old City using Street View, and view 3D models of heritage sites at risk, such as Mosul’s first mosque and one of its oldest churches.

The Art and Soul of Mosul also allows people to immerse themselves in the beauty of Mosulian art, through in-painting tours and videos. The project showcases incredible artwork which brings to life the stories of the city and the people, including the lives of women and children during and after the war. It also includes art from the 2018 “Return to Mosul” exhibition, hosted at the Mosul Cultural Museum in Iraq.

Marwan Tariq, an artist who participated in the 2018 exhibition, said, “The message of the workshop is that the city of Mosul, the city of art, is still alive despite the destruction and grinding war that destroyed people and the infrastructure, and that it is full of life and peace.”

Tariq, like many other artists and residents of Mosul, have their own stories of perseverance which people can listen to, whilst discovering how the community worked together to rebuild a neighbourhood. Google Arts and Culture’s mission is to help make the world’s cultures accessible to anyone, anywhere. As an innovation partner, it works with over 2,000 cultural institutions from over 80 countries.

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