saib Bank launches new online services for individual customers

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saib Bank launched new online banking services for individual customers, which comes in line with the bank’s ambitious plan of digital transformation.

Amr Atallah, Deputy Managing Director for the business and operations sectors of the bank, said that financial technology has contributed to maximizing the digital transformation trend, which has resulted in a radical change in banking patterns, as well as enhancing efforts to achieve financial inclusion. It has also reduced time and effort of performing banking services and increased their efficiency.

Atallah stressed that the increasing trend towards digital transformation and the acceleration of digital innovations and financial technology in the financial sector represents a new challenge for banks. This makes it imperative for banks to keep pace with digital development as operational risks must be identified, as well as ways to reduce them, and users of this technology must be protected.

Moreover, Amr Noseir, Head of Retail Banking Group, Branches and Distribution Channels at saib Bank, said that saib has a technological base that is highly developed and modernized, with professionals managing it, responding and serving customers in all aspects, via the Internet at home and abroad. He pointed out that the new version of Internet banking service is simple, easy and safe.

He explained the work stages that started from studying the needs of current and new customers, as well as reviewing the nature of global and local banking technology applications to ensure that they start from where others have ended.

Mohamed Ali, head of digital banking and innovation at the bank, said that the bank is always working on the quality of services it provides to customers, as part of its firm commitment to developing digital products and services.

He explained that one of the most important features of the new version is facilitating all types of transfers. This includes making transfers between the same customer’s accounts, transferring to other accounts inside and outside the bank, issuing savings certificates and linking bank deposits, as well as transferring to electronic wallets of other banks, passing international financial transfers, paying credit card dues and other numerous services that will lead to an improvement in the level of services in general.

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