Captain Wala Hafez break a new record for longest underwater diving

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Captain Walaa Hafez, often referred to as ‘the maker of miracles’ from Alexandria, broke a new record for the longest underwater diving for chronic quadriplegia case, which coincided with the celebration of the Naval Forces’ Day on 21 October.

Under the auspices of the Egyptian Telecom Company WE, the former Special Forces naval SEAL team leader and one time world record holder, started his six-day underwater diving trip on 24 October to break the record and enter the Guinness Book for the longest dive for quadriplegia cases.

Hafez said that he is trying to overcome his health conditions after he was injured in a car accident on Ismailia-Suez road. He eventually lost all capacity for movement, became a quadriplegic.

After his traffic accident, Hafez decided to practice diving once more despite various warnings by his doctors that it would present a risk on his life.

He did not give up and insisted on breaking the underwater record for special needs people. Hafez added that It is definitely very difficult to break records, explaining that he was prepared to dive for six hours.

During the event he managed to stay under the water for five hours. He had also placed the largest Egyptian flag under the water.

The event has also included sporting activities and competitions that spanned over the six days, as well as artistic performances in Sharm El-Sheikh city.

In a press conference held after the diving activity, Hafez stated that he did not want to event the underwater dive and get out of the water. However his doctor has ended the dive out of fear for Hafez’s life.

After he was diagnosed with quadriplegia following the accident, Hafez succeeded in creating a team which enables any person with quadriplegia to practice diving.

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