Raya Contact Center launches its project to enhance employment skills for university students

Daily News Egypt
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Raya Contact Center has announced its cooperation with the Alashanak Ya Baladi Association to launch a project aimed at enhancing the employment skills of university students.

The project, launched under the slogan “Empower your future”, aims to involve youth in achieving Egypt’s sustainable development goals. Raya is well suited for this goal, as it currently trains students from various public universities. The campaign aspires to empower these students and enhance their skill sets, thereby equipping them with the capabilities required to meet the needs of the current labour market

The Alashank Ya Baladi Association aims to establish and implement innovative development models, achieve social and economic development, and engage youth in sustainable development.

Ahmed Refky, CEO of Raya Contact Center, said that the company looks to achieve sustainable development in Egypt by raising the efficiency of young people. It will also provide them with training at the highest professional level, in the specialisations required by the labour market, whether inside or outside Egypt.

He said that the company is working to prepare young Egyptians to compete in the local and regional markets, and to qualify them for work with local and international companies.

For her part, Raghda Al-Ibrashy, President of the Alashank Ya Baladi Association for Sustainable Development, praised the Raya Contact Center’s role as the largest company in this field.

She added that the partnership with the company aims to achieve the association’s philosophy and strategy in linking university graduates to the labour market and providing job opportunities for young graduates of both genders.

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