Egypt’s NTRA receives 40,000 complaints on mobile internet, voice services

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
2 Min Read

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has received about 40,000 customer complaints regarding mobile companies in Egypt. The problem resolution rate for the complaints stands at about 91%, with the average resolution time recorded at 3.85 days.

The NTRA said that about EGP 250,000 in financial compensations was provided to clients after their eligibility for this was proven.

According to the report, 18,000 complaints were related to Internet services. Of this total amount, 54% were related to Telecom Egypt (TE), 20% related to Vodafone, 14% related to Orange, and 12% related to Etisalat.

The majority of Internet service complaints on the quality of service, accounting for 48% of the complaints. A total of 19% were related to the difficulty of subscribing to Internet services, while the number of complaints related to mobile services amounted to about 13,670 complaints.

A total of 40% of the complaints were related to Vodafone Internet services, 35% related to Orange, 20% related to Etisalat, and 5% for TE.

The report noted that most user complaints regarding lines were focused on transferring numbers from one company to another, accounting for 36% of the total complaints. A total of 22% of complaints related to service quality, and 16% related to consumption.

The NTRA also received about 8,300 complaints related to fixed telephone lines against TE, with 84% of these complaints related to service interruption. A total of 11% were related to service delivery, 2% related to consumption, and 1% regarding service quality.

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