Egypt’s daily Covid-19 cases fall to 346; with 2,172 recoveries so far

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Egypt witnessed a significant decline in daily coronavirus new cases compared to recent days, recording 346 new cases and 8 new deaths on Monday. The country’s total Covid-19 figures now stand at 9,746 cases, 533 deaths, and 2,172 recoveries, according to the Health Ministry.

Egypt has received a second 4-tonne shipment of medical supplies from China as part of the two countries’ cooperation in fighting the coronavirus (COVID-19), according to the Ministry of Health.

In a statement on Sunday, the ministry said that the second shipment includes 70,000 DNA analysis detectors for the coronavirus, 10,000 N95 medical masks, and 10,000 thousand groups of personal protective equipment (PPE).

On Sunday, Akram Fayek, member of the Supreme Committee to confront the epidemic, said the Ministry of Health has been able to assign consultants to isolation hospitals designated to new coronavirus patients to study the situation on a daily basis.

Fayek said the Ministry of Health faces several problems in the fight against the coronavirus. This includes an unequal balance in the numbers of patients against nurses, as there are far more infections then there are nurses to care for them.

He added that in some cases, there are two nurses for every 18 patients, but that the crisis is being resolved by increasing the numbers in nursing teams during one shift.

Fayek also said that there is permanent cooperation with the Ministry of Health to discuss durable solutions. He stressed that it will take time for the situation to resolve, and drugs and medical supply donations must be directed to isolation hospitals to help patients and medical staff overcome the crisis.

Egypt’s coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing, with the country recording its first 1,000 coronavirus cases in just 51 days, with a further 1,000 cases being diagnosed just eight days after that. It has taken less than three days for the country to reach the latest 1,000 cases, with the country close to crossing the 10,000 cases mark.

On Monday, the Qena Health Directorate, headed by Ramadan Al-Khatib,closed one of its health units after a positive coronavirus case was diagnosed there.

The directorate found that one of its workers was infected with the virus, after coming into contact with an infection case.

The infected worker has been transferred to an isolation hospital in Esna, and the health unit closed until new nursing, administrative, and worker teams can be brought in. All the current employees have been granted 14 days isolation.

The Stamp and Scales Authority, affiliated to the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trading, has closed its headquarters for 14 days. The closure comes after the Director of the Department of Analysis was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

On Sunday, 35 residential blocks in Minya governorate were quarantined after several coronavirus cases were detected in the area, according to Minya Governor Osama Al-Qady. 

A total of 45 new coronavirus cases have recovered after receiving treatment on Monday, according to Amr Salama, Head of the medical team at the Quarantine Hospital in Abu Qir’s youth city.

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