COVID-19 infection halts operations at Nestlé Egypt’s Greater Cairo factory

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Nestlé Egypt has announced it is halting operations at its Sixth of October Dry Goods factory due to confirmed positive cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Nestlé  Egypt is currently undertaking all the necessary measures in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population and other relevant parties. The company is also continuously in contact with the Ministry of Health regarding the disinfection and sanitising of the whole factory until operations can be resumed.

The company has also reiterated that the safety of its employees remains its first and foremost priority. Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the company has established a clear action plan to combat the virus and prevent its spread among the workforce.

Nestlé Egypt continues to apply strict precautionary measures to guarantee the quality of all its products and ensure the safety of its employees, products, partners and the communities in which it operates.


“Since the beginning of the outbreak, and in line with the governmental line, Nestlé Egypt has implemented strict sanitisation and disinfection measures, in addition to other measures, ensuring the safety of employees at the head office and distribution centres,” the company said, “Nestlé Egypt has ensured the implementation of the social distancing between all employees, the use of sanitary masks and regular use of hand sanitisers. “

Operation at all other Nestlé Egypt factories remain unaffected and are ongoing with product safety remaining top priority. According to the European Food Safety Agency, there is no risk of contamination through bottled or packaged foods and drinks.

Additionally, the company is implementing additional safety measures and strict quality control ensuring the safety of employees, products and customers according to the Ministry of Health, the WHO and Nestlé Global Group, according to the company.

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