Nasser Social Bank issues savings certificate for healthcare professionals

Hossam Mounir
2 Min Read

Nevine El-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity and Chairperson of the Nasser Social Bank, has agreed to issue a new savings certificate aimed at Egypt’s healthcare professionals.

El-Kabbaj said the certificates, called “One Hand”, will be issued in gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of Egypt’s healthcare professionals and the significant role they are playing under the current circumstances.

She emphasised that healthcare professionals are the first line of defence in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

El-Kabbaj added that the certificate falls under the bank’s corporate social responsibility efforts. As part of returning the favour to healthcare professionals and their hard work, the certificates will be available for a year at a yield of 15.5% annually.

She said that the value of the initial deposit starts from EGP 1,000 and goes up by its multiples. It must not exceed EGP 1m per person. The return is calculated from the day following the deposit, and it can be recovered six months after the certificate’s issuance.

Sherif Farouk, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Nasser Social Bank, said that the required papers include a photocopy of the national ID, the insurance number, and the syndicate ID.

He added that the certificate will be available in all 93 branches to prevent overcrowding. He also said that every effort has been made to make purchasing the certificates as easy as possible for healthcare professionals.

Farouk said that this is not the first time the bank has initiated a certificate of a special nature for certain groups of society as part of its social responsibility programme. It has previously offered a certificate with a yield of 15.5% for those over 60 years of age to provide them with a decent standard of living..

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