IOM Egypt hosts ‘Migration Partner Briefing’ over challenges, opportunities in migrant community

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The International Organisation for Migration Egypt (IOM Egypt) hosted a Migration Partners Briefing, inviting members of the donor community, in addition to intergovernmental and non-governmental partners, private sector, and representatives from the Egyptian government last week.

The purpose of the event was to present an overall analysis of the challenges and opportunities seen throughout the year of 2019 regarding the migrant community in Egypt, including the host communities.

Richard Dictus, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Egypt, commenced the briefing by saying that as Egypt becomes more economically successful, – it will become increasingly more attractive for migrants. Many of these migrants will contribute to Egypt, through their skills, drive, and willingness to succeed – how migration is put on a policy perspective and how it is placed to work for the country is the key factor in transforming the challenges posed by migration to opportunities and benefits for all.

Laurent de Boeck, IOM Egypt’s Chief of Mission, gave attention to the many positive aspects of migration that are often overlooked, such as diverse human resources and ideas that can enrich the receiving country.

After an intensive care and protection year in 2019, IOM is pleased to recognise the efforts of the Governments and its international and national partners to scale up its actions in favour of vulnerable migrants in Egypt. IOM intentions are to pursue these efforts and move on with higher quality services using multipliers of the civil society and the government to deliver its assistance to all in 2020, De Boeck explained.

Amr El Sherbiny, Deputy Assistant of Foreign Minister for Refugees, Migration, and Combatting Human Trafficking, said: “The key lays on how to integrate migration into development policies and how migration can contribute towards the country’s development. Migration flows can be shaped positively towards the economic and sociocultural growth of the country. This is the focus of the Government of Egypt and the reason why the cooperation with the United Nations and IOM is a key factor to work towards obtaining positive results in this regard.”



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