Namaa opens ’3%’ office spaces for entrepreneurs in Zamalek

Shaimaa Al-Aees
2 Min Read

Namaa for Development and Real Estate Investment has launched its latest management project, 3%, which represents one of the latest ideas in the field of joint services. This will provide an advanced business environment, supported by all smart and environment friendly services using the latest technology and hotel services for existing business owners and entrepreneurs.

3% provides the administrative community a good climate for growth and integration in an environment conducive to innovation on a total area of 1,800 sqm, according to CEO Hanan Helmy.

Helmy said that the project’s general strategy is based on providing a distinguished service to entrepreneurs, pointing out that 3% provides an ideal model for a different business community based on communication and helps to expand and move towards achieving entrepreneurial goals.

She further noted that 3% includes approximately 250 offices supplied with the needed services.

Additionally, the project is to create an integrated management community through a number of qualified and varied spaces that help companies conduct conferences, workshops, seminars, training courses, or places to conduct their business in a healthy environment and equipped with the best services and spaces that meet the highest global standards of smart infrastructure, she explained.

“3% provides memberships for entrepreneurs and members of multinational corporations, and this membership may range from a joint office to a dedicated administrative space and may also include visiting members of coworking spaces to be part of this gathering,” Helmy noted.

Regarding Namaa’s plans to expand in such projects in the future, Helmy said that they are always studying the market and its requirements and carefully observing growing trends in the community. Consequently, Namaa has an ambitious expansion plan to develop other branches in New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed by next year. The company is also studying growth in other governorates so that 3% members enjoy any of Namaa’s future branches throughout Egypt.

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