B-Electric to construct solar power plant in Zafarana

Mohamed Farag
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B-Electric Company has won a tender to construct a solar power plant in Zafarana with a capacity of 50 MW after a competition with Nary.

Sources told Daily News Egypt that the New and Renewable Energy Authority is in the final stages of awarding the plant to B-Electric to build a transformer stations for the project.

The three companies technically qualified in the tender included Nary, B-Electric, and Vikram, but were excluded due to technical reasons. The NREA examined the offers submitted in cooperation with Antec consultant to implement the project’s station.

The sources said that this project is expected to contribute to the production of about 90m kW/h annually, contributing to saving about 18,000 tonnes of oil annually, and reducing the emission of about 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

The Ministry of Electricity aims to produce 20% of energy from new and renewable sources by 2022, and seeks to open the way for the private sector and Arab and international companies to invest in projects.

The sources said that the numerous requests submitted to the NREA to invest in projects confirm the ability of the renewable energy sector to attract foreign direct investment with positive returns on the economy and to enhance the role of national institutions in creating an investment climate while reducing its risks as well as positive interaction with financing institutions and development partners.

The projects currently implemented include the Zafarana Wind Energy Complex with a capacity of 545 MW, the Gabal Al-Zait Wind Energy Complex with a capacity of 580 MW, a solar thermal station in Koraymat with a capacity of 140 MW, a solar cell project in Kom Ombo with a capacity of 26 MW, as well as feed-in tariff projects in Banban, Aswan with a capacity of 1465 MW.

Orascom-Toyota alliance has completed the launch of a 250 MW wind power plant. Renewable energy projects are being completed with capacities of up to 500 MW.

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