Arkan launches ‘Connection Cairo’ exhibition to explore the beauty of Cairo

Shaimaa Al-Aees
3 Min Read

Arkan Plaza hosted Connection Cairo, an art and photography exhibition organised and managed by Gyptian – a newly established platform for art, photography, and culture in Egypt – and the event organiser Inka.

Arkan believes in the importance of promoting and sponsoring art and photography projects in Egypt, and the positive impact the art can have on society.

The works that have been presented during the exhibition are an exploration of the Egyptian capital Cairo with all its different and unique elements. The day-to-day affairs of Egyptians such as public transportation, and commerce are portrayed inventively through the art and photography of the exhibition.

Since we launched Arkan in Egypt, we have not only become a prime business center, but also an avid supporter of start-ups. We have a responsibility to sponsor and promote cultural events which have a positive impact on our community,” James Bailey, Client Service Director of Savills, Arkan’s property and facility manager.

“By integrating business, culture, and entertainment under one roof, we are able to offer our diversified services to nearly 10,000 visitors a day, making Arkan one of the most famous centers in Cairo. Arkan is both a cultural and business center, a meeting place for people from all around the city, and a service center,” he added.

Founder of Gyptian, Seif El Din Fawzy added, “Connection Cairo is the vision of the different elements of everyday life in Cairo – culture, work, and society – through the eyes of our exhibiting artists.

Gyptian is a platform intended to showcase different perspectives and narratives in Egypt and to openly connect Egyptian artists to the general public. “This openness is reflected in our decision to drop the ‘e’ that has become synonymous with the electronic world from our name,” he added.

Farah Abou Seif, business development manager at Inka, said, “Inka is a strong believer in the talents of Egyptian youth, and the importance of creating platforms for their assembly over beneficial and cultural opportunities.”

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