SAIB offers Meeza prepaid card free of charge

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SAIB has announced offering SAIB-Meeza prepaid card free of charge in the first year to the bank’s customers, to be one of the first banks to issue the national card.

The launch of the new card stems from the keenness of the bank’s administration to provide a variety of products that meet all the banking and financial requirements of different segments of the community, Chairperson and Managing Director of SAIB, Tarek El Khloy, said.

He added that it is a continuation of the bank’s pioneering role in supporting the financial inclusion plan, contributing to a moneyless society, and improving the efficiency and level of the country’s financial infrastructure.

El Khloy explained that the Meeza card is the first local e-payment card, and one of the electronic payment tools, whether for government agencies or other financial transactions.

He pointed out that this comes within the framework of the directives of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to become a less cash-dependent society. It also coincides with the mandate of the National Payments Council for government agencies that provide public services to the public or manage public facilities to provide clients with means of non-cash payment, in addition to relying on a national system for government payments.

The chairperson of SAIB affirmed that the CBE and the banking sector at the level of financial technology is part of the economic reform programme, as these financial services reach all citizens, especially young people and women, and is an important step to empower them economically and contribute to raising their standard of living.

Head of Retail Banking at SAIB, Haitham Hammad, said that the new card provides its holders with easy and safe payment of all government dues at all government bodies that have points of sale (POS) or the government websites.

He added that the card also allows its holder to withdraw cash through the SAIB ATM network as well as through the ATMs of other banks connected to the “123” network, in addition to purchases at shops, as the card is accepted by a wide network of stores and POS.

Hammad pointed out that SAIB-Meeza allows online shopping locally. It also allows cash deposit through SAIB ATM network and the bank’s branches.

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