Al-Azhar professor dismissed over ‘indecency’

Fatma Lotfi
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Al-Azhar University has carried out an urgent probe into an incident involving a professor who asked his young students to take off their trousers if they want to avoid failing in the exam and get a full grade.

The university ordered on Friday the dismissal of the professor, the dean of the faculty of education, the dean’s assistant for education and students’ affairs, the department’s head, as well as the students who took part in the incident.

Furthermore, the university cited that the teacher’s actions is a “moral crime” which requires a prosecutions’ investigation, as it includes acts that necessitate the dismissal of work according to the article No 72 of Law 103 on regulating the performance of Al-Azhar.

According to the article, teachers who have been proven to have committed acts of “indecency” have to be dismissed from work.

Meanwhile, the university asserted that the “immoral act” is an individual one which does not represent Al-Azhar University or its thousands of teachers and students.

Over the last several days, a video of the Al-Azhar professor requesting his students to take off their trousers went viral on social media, causing outrage among users. Some users claim that the act is not the first of its kind undertaken by the teacher.

Following Al-Azhar’s decision, the professor of Islamic faith and ethics justified his action and said that he did that to test the sense of dignity and decency among students, but he was surprised that some of them agreed to obey his requests and took off their trousers.

The professor added that after the spectacle ended, he asked his students to hail their colleagues who refused to follow his request as they refused to surrender and commit indecent acts in front of their peers.   

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