Al-Sisi launches Africa Games, Digital Applications Initiative in Cairo ICT 2018

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated the 22nd edition of the Cairo International Telecommunication and Information Technology Trade Fair and Forum (Cairo ICT) on Sunday, held under the title of “Leading Digital Transformation”.

During the opening ceremony, Al-Sisi launched the Africa Games and Digital Applications Initiative. The president said that the IT and communications sector has become a main element in supporting the state development plan. It also develops the efforts to build a competitive and diverse economy which relies on innovation and knowledge.

He said that Egypt has given great attention to the sector. In its vision, the country has been keen on developing and modernising the communications infrastructure, as well as establishing smart cities, so as to make digital services available for various society groups. It also worked on raising societal awareness of the importance of digital transformation. These efforts contribute towards achieving a leap in the Egyptian community through localising technology across the country. Moreover, this provides an environment which encourages youth to upgrade their skills and drive forward the manufacturing and designing of electronics.

“The efforts we are seeing today, and the projects being implemented through cooperation and coordination between various ministries and concerned bodies, reinforce the fact that we are walking down the right path towards transforming into a digital community where people have equal chances to take part in the development process; one where there is integration of the different state institutions to provide innovative digital services that improve the operational efficiency, increase productivity, and contribute to sustainable development,” Al-Sisi said.

He added that the state has provided several programmes and initiatives that seek to invest in the creative energies of young people, and develop their skills in all fields. “Over the past two years, we have seen an increase in the number of people joining the initiative of future technology leaders, which was launched to prepare a generation able to assume modern technological jobs in various sectors, aligned with the needs of the Egyptian society.”

The state has also offered support to many projects and programmes which aim to enhance the culture of creativity and entrepreneurship among young people.

Al-Sisi announced the launch of the Africa Games and Digital Applications Initiative, as the ministry of communications will be handling its implementation, in cooperation with the concerned bodies, with the aim of qualifying 10,000 young Egyptian and African young people, to develop games and applications, encouraging the establishment of 100 start-ups in the field.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Amr Talaat, said that developing technology is the main pillar of an international economy and sustainable development.

He added that the ministry is working to build cadres that are trained and specialised in modern technology of all kinds, as well as launching the Arab Digital Academy, providing a chance for free self-training for young people in the entire world.

“This coincides with our projects which aim to attract international investments and develop technological areas, as well as activate incentives allowed by the law, in cooperation with the ministry. Additionally, a large number of projects and programmes will be implemented, including establishing eight communities for technological innovation in regional universities, in cooperation with the ministry of higher education. Moreover, the City of Knowledge will be established in the New Administrative Capital, and it is expected to include research and development centres that are specialised in several fields,” he added.

Talaat pointed out that the ministry is working to launch a digital platform project for Egyptian cultural content, in cooperation with the ministry of antiquities, and all other concerned bodies.

“We are seeking to utilise technology in maintaining and preserving the legacy of the past. Also, the ministry will be responsible for implementing the presidential initiative for distance medical diagnosis in 300 different units, in cooperation with the ministry of health,” Talaat concluded.


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