Madbouly decides to form governmental committee to amend NGOs Law

Sarah El-Sheikh
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Egypt’s Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, issued on Saturday a decision to form a governmental committee to amend the existing the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Law.

The committee will be headed by Egypt’s Minister of Solidarity Ghada Wally which is supposed to come up with a comprehensive vision to amend the law, and to prepare a report with the suggested amendments to the existing law within one month.

The amendments will be then introduced for a social dialogue to ensure that the new law is satisfactory to all.

The members of the committee will include representatives from several ministries and state bodies who are already concerned with the operations of NGOs.

This came after President Abdel Fattah approved the establishment of a committee to amend the NGOs law, following the request of one of the participants from the second World Youth Forum held in Sharm El-Sheikh.

In May 2017, Al-Sisi ratified an 89-article law, in order to replace the Law 84 of 2002, six months after its approval in parliament. The law is expected to regulate the conditions of NGOs and its employees after a long time of illegal work.

The approval came despite criticism from civil society members, who believe that the new law would eliminate civil work as it includes restrictive articles.

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