International banks demand solar companies to follow security, safety standards to avoid funding suspension

Mohamed Farag
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International finance institutions have asked a number of companies working on solar energy feed-in tariff projects in Benban in Aswan to follow the occupational safety and security standards in the implementation of projects to avoid the suspension of funding.

Informed sources told Daily News Egypt that four companies working on the projects did not comply with security and safety standards. They contracted with subcontractors to carry out the construction work and relied on child labour, while others did not commit to wearing protective clothing.

Hassan Allam, who is responsible for the management of solar energy project services in Benban, Aswan, held several workshops and meetings with the people of Benban and neighbouring villages to explain the safety and security standards within the site.

The sources added that the company responsible for the management of services in the site of the projects suffer from disregarding occupational safety standards within the site. The sources said they prevented entry of cars which violated rules as well as underage labour.

On 11 November, Hassan Allam stopped all cars and employees in violation of laws from entering the sites following several incidents.

This was fixed quickly after the installation of seat belts in cars transporting workers, preventing the presence of any individual within the site less than 18 years, and the commitment to wearing protective clothes.

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