Reducing pollution in Mediterranean Area tops Ecomondo’s agenda

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The North African area’s priorities and needs will be addressed at Ecomondo 2018, the leading expo about green and circular economy in the Euro Mediterranean area, organised by Italian Exhibition Group at Rimini Expo Centre, from 6 to 9 November 2018.

The tradeshow will tackle the Mediterranean area’s (MED) priorities and needs, through workshops and conferences, the climatic changes, pollution, growing urbanisation, increasing maritime traffic, preserving natural heritage as well as ecosystem services that are at risk.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, in the MED there are 3.5bn hectares of degraded land that could be used to grow non-food local biomass for the bio based industry.

Such ecosystems have intrinsic economic value, and generate various products, but it are currently unexploited and subjected to various threats, such as natural hazards including wildfires, poor soil, difficult climatic conditions, and external threats.

Climatic changes, the reduction of precipitation and increases of precipitation variability, are remarkably affecting the whole aboveground net primary production of the area, in particular the vegetation at arid and semi-arid sites i.e. lower forage production, by putting at risk the long-term viability of the local biodiversity systems, and the agri-food and forestry production.

The MED sea is undergoing fast changes in response to both natural and anthropogenic pressures. The priorities and needs mentioned above will be discussed during the Ecomondo 2018. Discover the related news:

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